Daily Inspirations

Inspiration is defined as the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. I find inspiration daily. It's around every corner I turn, just beyond the heights of skyscrapers and the obnoxious roar of the freeway. It's sometimes as simple as a blooming flower, a song from a rad band, watching the sun rise or the gentle caress of a lover. It finds its way into every crack and every crevice, it is sometimes distant, often times right in front of you.



Inspiration is a constant in my life. Even in the face of unbearable situations or proximity to toxic personalities there is inspiration, albeit often in the form of feeling compelled to give a firm “Fuck You” and be done with it. I can find inspiration in love just as well as hate, in enlightened discourse as well as self destructive tendencies, in philosophical discussions having no grounding in reality as well as objective facts which give enough footing to allow one to progress in life. I am often inspired by my clients and their strength to endure a painful tattoo, or their life story. I find myself inspired by the very notion of existence. If you're not inspired, you aren't paying attention.



I believe passion is integral to finding inspiration. If you aren't passionate about your life, your work, your relationships, you'll likely feel the constant burden of a humdrum routine existence lacking in adventure, risk, and danger. Complacency is suicide. Life serves those who dwell at the edge of possibility. This is your life. You are in control. You are stronger than everything you've been taught to fear, and you have the courage for your passions and your pains. Become passionate, embody inspiration, and you will find exactly what you've been longing for. The secret is to begin.