Now Booking Apprentice Tattoo Appointments!!!


“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Lao Tzu


Beyond excitement there is a residing emotion, I believe it’s called ecstatic. I guess you could, insofar as it is possible to accurately relay subjective experience through mere symbolic sentiment, describe my current state as such.


Over the past few weeks I’ve been attending a state certified tattoo licensing program. Oregon has some of the strictest regulations in the country when it comes to tattooing. In order to become a licensed tattooer one must have either a license from another state equivalent to Oregon licensing requirements, or at minimum 3 years proof of legitimate training and employment as a tattoo artist in another state, or, as in my case, one must attend an Oregon Licensed Career School for Tattooing. On top of that there are required state exams and fees. Welcome to Oregon!


The program I’m attending is nothing like what you may have watched on TLC’s nightmare of a reality show Tattoo School where students went through a 2 week crash course in tattooing and were then sent out into the world armed with bad habits and poor training. This is not a 2 week class you can take online, print out a generic certificate and show off to all your friends for cool points, and it’s not some get rich quick scheme on behalf of faux instructors. This program is thorough, it’s challenging, and it’s strictly regulated by the state. Though it’s not quite a traditional apprenticeship the curriculum covers all the necessary practices a safe, knowledgeable and professional tattoo artist should follow, and in many subjects goes well beyond state requirements. I’ll also be so fortunate as to enjoy the zen of scrubbing my fair share of dirty tubes. Oh joy!


As such, it’s been a very busy, disciplined and rewarding past few weeks. Every moment is occupied by the craft of tattooing. Life is in constant flux between learning, studying, testing, or drawing, and if I’m not doing either of those I’m at Off the Map Tattoo working the front desk alongside some of the most inspiring, dedicated and influential artists and co-workers I’ve ever met. But the hard work and determination doesn’t stop there and the next step of this journey has been long awaited.


The final stage of the licensing program requires a minimum quantity of completed tattoo procedures and practical hours under the guidance and supervision of a licensed professional. To meet these requirements I am currently booking appointments for student tattoos August through October at Garden of Ink in Cottage Grove, Oregon. If you are interested in supporting me on this journey and would like to set up an appointment for an entry level tattoo please contact me via email: info@niclebrunart.com


Thanks for the support!