Toward Infinite Horizons

“I dwell in possibility…” – Emily Dickinson


It’s all a strange journey. At times plans lend themselves to ruin, paths diverge, roots undo. It’s in these moments we manifest our capacity for action. A daring course of flight can not succumb to static absolutes or fixed objectives. Change is the inevitable. Chaos is to be embraced.


After all, we can rise from the wreckage, pledge ourselves to uncertainty, make each new step nothing short of the greatest act of bravery. It is with this ethos that I move forward into the next grand adventure. In short time I will have begun the process of becoming a licensed tattoo artist in the state of Oregon. I look forward to this endeavor with great anticipation.



Every step closer allows the realness of it all to sink in. The wait diminishes at a quickening pace and an unfettered eagerness overwhelms. A horizon approaches, beyond it infinite more. That’s where I’m headed. I’ll meet you there.